Cold Pressed Coconut oil

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Cold processed coconut oil

Coconut oil is known for its plenty of benefits.

General Properties of Coconut oil

It has anti oxidants and it acts as a anti bacterial and anti viral. This oil contains Lauric acid which cures problems in various parts of our body and reduces bad cholesterol in our body.

Health benefits of coconut oil

The many health benefits of coconut oil are as follows,

  1. Coconut oil is the wonderful conditioner for the hair. It helps in moisturizing the scalp and keeps the hair healthy.
  2. The coconut oil is beneficial in treating skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and sun burns.
  3. The oil extracted from coconut helps in boosting our immune system. The lauric acid in the oil acts as anti bacterial, antiviral and anti fungal.
  4. Cold pressed coconut oil is a regular cooking oil, as how many people use it widely in southern part of India.
  5. It helps in keeping the heart healthy.
Shelf life : 6 months.

1 LTR (PET bottle), 3 LTR (PET bottle), 5L (PET bottle)

1 review for Cold Pressed Coconut oil

  1. Alekhya

    It’s pure audlterated coconut oil…we can use for cooking and also on our body helps to improve skin healthy’s can be used for babies massage

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